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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Advertising Your Business on TikTok

(4th One will Surprise You)

advertising on tiktok

Social media has become the most impactful channel for advertisement. (You cannot disagree with that) Companies allocate massive budgets for marketing. Not only are they spending fortunes, but they are earning 3x revenue out of it.

Speaking of marketing on social media, why don’t you want to use the channel with 90% of its 1 Billion users active?

TikTok is the most used (with over 1 Billion users) social media channel in the world right now, with 90% of its users being active. In comparison, others don’t have this privilege.

Having 90% of its users active makes the TikTok ads most effective. And it’s not limited to that. Let’s hop into some more benefits of advertising on TikTok.

Worldwide Reach

TikTok is being used daily in 150 countries and in 75 different languages. These straight facts can give you an idea of how big is the market of TikTok to tap into.

These numbers are still limited, and it’s gaining an unstoppable number of users from across the globe every day of the year.

And if you want to target just a limited demographic, you are enabled to do that.

But in case you want to advertise your business to new markets, TikTok is the solid choice.

Most Engaging Advertising Format–Videos

If properly utilized, videos are the most engaging advertising format, and to make a win-win situation, TikTok is only videos. Users are highly likely to engage with video ads on TikTok than any other social media.

Since people use TikTok to watch videos, seeing a video ad would be less meddlesome. This entitles you to advertise your product or service in a highly effective and irresistible fashion.

High Activity and Engagement from Users

As stated earlier, out of the mammoth 1 Billion users, 90% are active. Now you must be pondering, what is special in having active users? It is special because many users log in occasionally on other social sites. In contrast, 90% of TikTok users log in twice a day and scroll through the content for 45 minutes every time they log in.

This makes TikTok a vault of people that are really plausible to buy your product, use your service, subscribe to your online course, or anything.

High Chances to Go Viral–Increasing Business Presence

You don’t have to be Tesla, Amazon, or Apple to reach millions of users. The algorithm of TikTok is such that people interact with new content all the time. So, what’s in it for small businesses?

This is a shot for small businesses to hit. Going viral on TikTok is rather easy. You can go from 10 followers to hundreds of thousands by dint of just one video, thereby increasing your presence.

The same reach can cost you around $50k on other platforms but on TikTok, just one video. You can take your chance with minimal cost on TikTok.

Easy to Use as an Advertisement Channel

One of the impressive things about TikTok is that you can make content easily. TikTok users want to see more authentic content that they can resonate with. Real content without many bells and whistles will catch their attention more than one with too many decorations and high editing.

So, you can grab a phone and make a fun video of your product or service, and that would be catchy enough.

The real question is, how can you achieve the best of them for your business. The pivot of attaining these goals is to have a deep understanding of TikTok marketing and how it can impact your online business. Tectanic is one of the best social media marketing agencies. We are proud to provide our clients with nothing but the best services. Want to learn how to take your business to the next level? Contact us now and talk to our strategist about why now is the right time for you to invest in digital marketing.


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