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How To Generate Revenue From A Minimal Ad Spend Via Facebook Ads

Generate Revenue From A Minimal Ad Spend Via Facebook Ads


Menschions, a Brooklyn-based startup that was created in 2019, saw a need for trendy jewish themed holiday cards and casual wear and set out to fill it. Today, Menschions is the go-to place for stylish holiday cards and T-shirts. 

Menschions wanted to optimise its Facebook ad campaigns to reach a wider audience, attract more customers, and boost online sales. The company was targeting by location and industry, but needed help reaching the right customers. They had been running ads targeting youngsters in nearby areas for several months with limited success. They knew there was an opportunity for more relevance, but didn't have the expertise or team to achieve that goal manually.

Tectanic x Menschions

We launched Menschion’s facebook ads, aiming to provide marketing solutions at low cost to start-up companies. We have been working with a variety of clients from different backgrounds, from e-commerce to real estate, from travel agencies to financial services. We were given the task of scaling up their business.

Our aim was to keep running ads with a low budget, improving performance and quickly scale after Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We wanted to achieve this by analysing spend on the platform, identifying what we were already doing, which was affecting performance and then adjust our strategy accordingly.

Our Strategy

The most important concept here is thinking about what works best for your business and testing different things until you find something that works. We started the strategy for this company about a month in advance. The main adjustments we made were:

  1. We used more TOF ( Top Of The Funnel)  type of ads and also allocated a large portion of the budget to this segment. 

  2. We decreased our retargeting budgets by almost 20% as well as increasing our cold traffic budgets by more than 15%. We also put in a mixture of both new and retargeted ads. We were able to achieve a higher conversion rate with this mix; around 10% higher than usual.

From a creative standpoint, we tested different ad copies, creatives and different formats e.g Single images, videos and carousel deck as well as the combination of each format to see how they worked together within a single Facebook ad.

We also analyzed call-to-actions (CTAs) on the campaign to understand how they were working as well as which steps people had taken from the call-to-action buttons.

The top performing ads were the Single Image.  It was interesting to note that the Single Image version of the ad scored highest in our rankings.

Despite being a single image ad, there was enough variation from one image to the next to keep people engaged. The video form also had a high engagement rate for two reasons: it showed relevant action without distracting the consumer and it allowed consumers to see how their purchases would look before clicking on the “Buy Now” button making them more likely to buy on that particular product page.

The Results in JUST 2 WEEKS

Ad Spend: $951

Website Purchases: 29 

Total sales: $3250 

CPA: $32.78

ROAS: 1.55


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