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What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing

About $325 Billion was the worldwide annual advertising budget last year. Businesses and Companies spending tons want to see the results for every buck they pay. So, advertisers devised a new marketing method–Performance Marketing.

Keep on reading to know what is actually Performance Marketing and how it can prove to be fortunate for your business.

Performance Marketing, in simple words, is nothing but getting a specific goal first and then paying. To elaborate, for your marketing campaign, you decide on a plan like getting sales, leads, or traffic to your website. You pay for it only when your prospects buy, fill out a form, or click on your website link. That means you don’t even have to pay a single penny unless or until you get your desired result.

Isn’t it good that you don’t pay except if you get the out-turn?

Now you know about Performance Marketing, let’s dive into its benefits.

Why Performance Marketing?

Know Contemporary ROI Value

Tracking your ROI is easy with Performance Marketing. So, when you are launching a campaign using a digital marketing channel, you can easily calculate the money you’re investing and the return you’re getting. Just set your goal and terms with your advertiser and you’ll only pay whenever that set goal is completed. This gives you financial control over your budget. End or modify the campaign at any time if you’re not satisfied with the ROI.

Modify Plan at Anytime

Suppose you ran a Facebook Ad campaign and it turned out to be not fruitful as you were expecting. So, you ran another campaign with a different approach. Now what? You have discernment. You know what is working and what’s not. This valuable insight will enable you to modify the ongoing plan at any time, saving you from further loss because of Performance Marketing.

Optimize your KPIs

When you don’t know the goal, there is no sense in making efforts towards it. You can say that KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is the mapping of your company’s purpose. They include weekly sales, customer turn-over, website visits, etc. Through Performance Marketing, you can optimize these KPIs by discussing with your marketer to achieve the desired business potential.


With Performance Marketing, you can never go wrong with a small budget. You just need to optimize the campaign well with the help of an expert. Your goals need to be well defined. Since you only spend when your set goal is achieved, there is little to no chance that your investment will go in vain unless the plans mentioned above are well set.

Only Pay for the Out-Turn

The greatest perk of this marketing approach is you only pay when you see the numbers when you get the results. Whether you want your potential customers to sign up or visit and buy from your website, you only lose the bucks when your desired outcome is attained.

The pivot to achieving these goals is to have a deep understanding of performance marketing and how it can impact your online business. Tectanic is one of the best performance marketing agencies. We are proud to provide our clients with nothing but the best services. Want to learn how to take your business to the next level? Contact us now and talk to our strategist about why now is the right time for you to invest in digital marketing.


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