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TikTok ads - eCom/Lifestyle

Performance Marketing

1- Channel: Tik Tok Ads (Conversions)

2- Niche:  E-commerce (Unique lifestyle products)

3- Duration: Sep 01 - Oct 30, 2022

4- Challenge:  The challenge was to keep running ads with low budget but improve the overall performance and quickly scale while keeping CPA controlled and to increase ROAS

5- Strategy: We launched ABO campaigns with broad targeting and selected only TikTok as a ad placement to see what would produce the consistent results. Also started killing on the ad set/ads level pretty aggressively whatever that wasn't performing good. We noticed drain sink products performing well with multiple headlines with cost cap bid. We increased the budget to that ad set and we were using only one ad with that one ad set. Budget was $60/d on two ad sets. We tested different ad copies, creatives and different formats e.g Single images, videos and carousel deck as well but video ads performed really well7- Results:Platform : TIktok  ( Total Amount spent = $2443 ) and number of conversions are: 149, CPA: $7

Winning campaign results.

Targeting: broad Placement: TikTok

Location: Canada, US Ad: Video ad


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