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TikTok Ads - eCom/Supplements

Performance Marketing

1- Channel: TikTok Ads (Conversion, Purchases)

2- Niche: E-commerce/Supplements

3- Duration: 9th November to 8th December, 2022

4- Challenge: The challenge was to stabilize our performance and scale up our winning creatives

5- Strategy: We started testing Spark ads with 5 ads in one adgroup and also launched some ACO(Automatic creative optimisation) based adgroups to scale up our winning creatives. Our lookalike audiences also started performing really well.

6- Results:
Ad Spend: $33,269.34 , Website Purchases: 1,198, Sales: $53,230.4, CPA: $27.77, ROAS: 1.6, Overall Revenue: $971,174.91


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