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How To Use Facebook Ads To Get 4.64x ROAS

Ecommerce is Changing How Retail Brands are Going Direct and Winning Big

When our clients see amazing marketing wins, it’s usually after months of building upon and optimizing their campaigns. But that’s not always the case.

As marketers, we're always looking for new ways to improve our brand's visibility and generate more leads. One tool that allows us to do just this is paid social marketing. With the right strategy, paid search can generate a tremendous amount of visibility and awareness of your brand. This case study shows how testing different ad copy and images on a campaign can significantly improve its performance. It also demonstrates how making minor adjustments to a landing page can have a significant impact on conversions. The results I saw in just 15 days were nothing short of amazing.

Our client was making an unprofitable return on ad spend. As a result, they were facing a loss of over $5000/month in profit. Despite feeling like they needed to do more, before hiring us they knew that their business model was unsustainable and wouldn’t scale.

Within the first month, we took them to a 4.4x return on ad spend, and the best part is they’ve now sold over $50,450.47 worth of Sublimation Paper directly attributed to our Facebook ad campaigns. With this being said, one would think: What ad campaign helped bring in $50,500 in revenue? Well, the answer is threefold. 

  1. Our client's need for a solution that would improve ROAS and increase their scalability.

  2. They knew there was a great opportunity to come from the data we could provide. 

  3. We worked together to give them exactly what they needed!


The owner of this small eCommerce brand had no experience in ad campaigns, so she decided to go the traditional route and started creating Facebook Ad campaigns in-house. These ads helped her get more likes and sales as well as learn more about Facebook advertising in general, but they also had some drawbacks. They launched their first campaign with no budget constraints and a built in audience. The business owner was in control of the campaigns amongst many other tasks: managing ad sets and managing the ad requests, design and optimization of ads and landing pages for each campaign. 

Once we came on board, we spent the same amount and yet the client saw an increase of 118%. Our intensive action plan resulted in a dramatic increase in product sales.

All of this was possible with the help of our digital marketing experts. 

  1. We Changed the eCommerce Facebook Ads funnel structure

  2. Made the targeting strategy precise

  3. Set up the proper exclusions in Ad Sets.

  4. Scaled for their profitable ads



Finding the right target for a campaign is important for a successful campaign. Our goal was to reach people who’ve never heard of the brand, reach as many people as possible and raise awareness for the relatively unknown brand. Having most of the budget allocated here allowed us to reach the most people.

We targeted the lookalike audience, people who had previously viewed the content and people who added the product in their carts but didn’t proceed to purchase it.


There’s always a significant segment of people who need extra information before visiting. These needs were not being met by using search marketing alone. The key to a successful conversion strategy was ensuring that potential customers were given enough information to be comfortable making a purchase decision.

We targeted people who have viewed the videos in the last 30 days, who have interacted with the content in the last 60 days and the website visitors. 


We targeted the audience who were ready to buy from us, but just needed an extra push. Less budget was allocated to reach them as it was a small segment of buyers.

In this category, our target audience was again, people who added the product in their carts but didn’t proceed to purchase it for the last 60 days.


Using Facebook’s targeting options, we were able to create new ad sets based on interests, location and more. Now that we had a clear picture of who our target audience is, we could start customizing their message based on who they are: from how much disposable income they have, to where they are located. Since we had opened up to more audiences, it made sense to increase the number of copy variations and angles within our ads.


The key is to have patience—but learn fast. It’s easy to get carried away with ideas and think you know the people you’re targeting. But until you actually spend money to run your ads, you won’t have the data to make smarter decisions. The only way to make these decisions is to keep testing (and also keep learning).

One of our first questions when we talk to clients is, “What’s your Facebook Ads budget?” “What are the short and long term goals” and the customer buyer personas as it plays a vital role in creating a compelling plan and strategy for any brand. 

That simple question yields a lot of information. There’s no reason why you can’t get a 4x ROAS from your own Facebook Ads strategy, or increase your ROAS even more than you have right now with the right structure in place. And if that isn’t enough, it also gives us an indication how much time and effort you want to invest in your campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Book a call with our strategist today! 


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